Suspension, Axle & Brake Parts

Express Custom Electric Backing Plate And Brakes Express Custom carries replacement Electric Backing Plate and Brake units. Condition: Brand New

Express Custom Hydraulic Backing Plate And Brakes Condition: Brand New

Express Custom can manufacture complete axle replacements with all the components needed for the job. All Axle Assemblies Include (Relative To Their...

Express Custom Trailer Leaf Springs Condition: Brand New

$10.00 $7.95

Express Custom Breakaway Switch Cable

Express custom carries the replacement Breakaway Switch Cable for trailers equipped with brakes.

Price: $4.99

Condition: Brand New

Minimum quantity for "Breakaway Switch Cable" is 1.

Express Custom Breakaway Switch Express Custom carries replacement Breakaway switches. Price: $13.35 Condition: Brand New
  • Affordability Icon Affordability

    We make it our mission to keep our prices as low as we can. When estimating custom jobs, we will provide a low and high end expectation and do our best to stay in the low. We manufacture as much standardized components as possible to keep...

  • Availability Icon Availability

    By producing as many standard, production run components and modules as possible, we can assemble products on demand and they are deliverable within short timelines. We keep an inventory of our hot sellers for immediate sale. We can ship our products...

  • Adaptability Icon Adaptability

    Modular components allow customers to choose a truck deck that will fit his/her truck and then later be quickly and affordably modified to fit a different truck. Truck decks and Canopy-Skids are installed with universal/adaptor sub-frames for easy and quick...

  • Appearance Icon Appearance

    Express Custom and Rival™ products not only meet our customer’s needs with proven track records – they also look good! We produce products that our customers are proud to own. Our products are often the flagship of company fleets. Our Products include...

  • Assured Icon Assured Quality

    Longevity is the key. We build our trailers/decks/apparatus to last well beyond the original purpose/installation. Truck decks are frequently installed on a second, and even third chassis. Our truck decks outlast the Energizer Bunny...

  • Always Eco-Aluminum Always Eco-Aluminum

    Aluminum is Lighter than its counterparts and therefore improves vehicle economics and reduces emissions. Aluminum melts (welds) at a lower temperature than Steel and therefore requires less manufacturing power...