Axle Assemblies

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Express Custom can manufacture complete axle replacements with all the components needed for the job.

All Axle Assemblies Include (Relative To Their Capacity) :

x1 Axle
x2 Hubs And Drums
x2 Backing Plates With GR8 FHN Nuts
x2 Inner Bearings
x2 Outer Bearings
x2 Seals
x10 1/2" Wheel Nuts Open End
x2 Castle Nuts
x2 Axle Washer (Round Hole)
x4 U-Bolts
x2 Rectangle Tie Plates (Holes Spaced Far)
x8 1/2" Deep Set Black Nuts
x2 Slipper Springs
x2 Grease Caps (Shiny Silver)
x2 Cotter Pins

Our Commitment to Custom - "A dimension changed, a piece added or removed, alterations, you decide. Our products were all idealized, prototyped, tested, then refined over decades of manufacturing right in our own office. Designing & building our own products allows us to adapt & change our products to suite customer needs without exorbitant costs or delays. Whether we offer the product you're after, or you have a custom idea you'd like brought to life, our team is prepared and waiting."